Our world is teetering  on the brink of a terrible calamity. Everyday we wake up to  discrimination, insolence , brutality , disruptions. There’s no break to it. It’s mandatory for you to be placed in such a predicament. That is what life is. It is not fair . It never is.  However what hurts most is not just life but the people around it. And knowing that with each passing day, we are losing track of humanity and even unity. It hurts to see how us humans fail to accept their own kinds , to see how sometimes even  your hometown becomes a foreign place you no longer recognize. It hurt to be denied entrance in your very own country. If we look around us we see how far we’ve came with human creativity. From wired telephones to full on display iPhone x. With just a little bit of  determination , imagination and a lot of efforts humans are creating things beyond futuristic . However it is a shame that even after bringing so much changes and advancement to the world we couldn’t yet change the selfish thinking of our own minds. Even in a such a developed world    we see people facing injustice. We see prejudices We see people being judged because of their religion their race their Colour. Is it impossible to completely wipe out such preconception?


-Bushra Alam

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