Dream – a heads up to a new disappointment

Fog rolls up and obscures the very vision of yours. It surrounds , encompasses and encircles to the point that it can’t anymore. Then , you too start dismissing newton’s law of universal gravitation. You let your body float, let it wander off to its uncertain destination. Eventually you enter a place you’ve never seen before,  where   every sound is honey to your ears and every wind is silk to your touch.
Then comes the deafening clamor of the clock ticking off time. The clamor that perfectly resembles a fire alarm. A warning of a bad,in fact, terrible omen. You sweat  ,however, it isn’t the perspiration of exertion but of panic. You know what’s coming but you choose not to see,your free fall from your uncertain destination.
Then you fall fall and fall until jolted up in bed by reality- a disappointment

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